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[MOD] Fanworks

Alright, this issue has been going on a bit behind the scenes but yes, we've gotten together with the team of mods and we have decided to restructure the main community a bit.

It's also been addressed in the recent hate meme that's going on if you want to take a look but here's the bottom line:

- fanon + canon

We're going to separate the two and rebuild the main comm to be a bit like the jone_records one over at the KAT-TUN fandom, so only news + downloads mostly.

We do want members to have a say here though so please vote below:

Poll #1781213 Fanworks on the Kis-My-Ft2 Community
This poll is closed.

Do you want to get rid of fanfics graphics on the main comm?

I don't care

If the majority votes to remove fanworks from the community, fanfiction would go to kismyshowtime. I will then update the old archive I had on google docs (spreadsheet online) one last time and remove the other fic master posts from the community.

We do not know about graphics yet though, so we're open for suggestions. If there's a community that you think would fit, please comment on this post. Otherwise, if you would like to start a community for Kisumai graphics and moderate it, let us know.
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