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[MOD] regarding fanworks

Since the last post addressing this issue we have been keeping an eye on the poll, the comments, PMs, and anonymous comments on the hate meme all relating to whether or not fanworks should be allowed here on the community. Despite people voting with sockpuppets, and people apparently voting contrary to their genuine opinion, the poll results remain fairly tied so the mod team decided that, taking everything into account, we would have the final say on the matter.

Therefore from now on, fanfiction, fanart and doujinshi posts will no longer be allowed on this community but we will instead encourage you to post them at kismyshowtime. Showtime now works as a sister comm to kis_my_ft2 and is now run by myself (yararanger) and omoikkiri in cooperation with the pre-existing moderator team here at Endless Road.

As for the currently-existing fanfiction archives here on kis_my_ft2, they will be deleted, with the exception of the spreadsheet (which will be updated soon). That is to say, your links will not be lost or forgotten about, but since fanfiction will henceforth not be housed on this community, the archive posts will go from here too.

Those of you who wish only to be kept updates with official news etc. need do nothing! Those of you who enjoy Kis-My-Ft2 fanworks are free to join us over at kismyshowtime. At Showtime itself, I will be making updates and amendments to the rules and tagging system so if you do already watch the comm, please bear that in mind. Regarding graphics (wallpapers, fanvideos, icons, gifs etc), there are no changes at present but please keep an eye out for a further mod post here at kis_my_ft2 at some point over the course of the next week.

If this is at all confusing or if you have questions/suggestions/complaints, please get in touch either by comments or PMs, whichever you prefer.
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