Luma (luma_chan) wrote in kis_my_ft2,

New Jnet videos for Kisumai and A.N.JELL

New video update from Kisumai on Johnny's Net so be sure not to miss~~ (Actually so new even the main page hasn't updated the video yet XD;)

Or actually TWO videos! First of all Kisumai's video with the live DVD announcement (...sure, because you know, none of us have heard anything about that so far 8D;) and about becoming regulars for Moshimo tours. Second, a video from A.N.JELL (drama version aka Taipi, Tama and Hikaru).

You can view the new videos in the video section on Johnny's Net. Please remember under any circumstances DO NOT rip and share official Johnny's Net or TakiChannel videos anywhere, no streaming or download links. Let's respect the rules and make sure we'll have these wonderful videos in the future also.
Tags: online video

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