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[MOD] About Graphics

It's been more than a week since the mod post made by yararanger saying that there will be a new mod post about graphics in the comm, but it just took a while for me to find some time and put things together. The new community is now ready though, so we're going to put in a new rule.

Posts about graphics and fan-made videos are no longer allowed on this community. Instead, you will be encouraged to post them at kismygraphics, a new KisuMai-centric graphics community as suggested by the name, and sister community to this main one. It is at the moment run solely by me (shatteredtenshi), but I'd run things through the mod team here at Endless Road as well. As the community is still new, I'm not looking for a co-mod at the moment, but when there are more posts, I may look for someone to join me.

Any sorts of graphics from icons to wallpapers to layouts, whatever you can think of, they all can be posted to the new community. The reason we're putting fan-made videos in this community as well is because videos use pre-existing clips, whatnot, so it's different from fanfiction, fanart and doujinshi which is made directly from our imagination.

With this final change though, it means that there should be no new posts using tags that relates to fanworks. All fanworks-related tags (fanfiction, fanart, fanvideos, graphics ones) have now been renamed to add (ARCHIVE ONLY: DO NOT USE) in front. (Capitals unfortunately won't remain in tags, and some of the graphics ones get cut off for being too long, but you can still figure out what they are.) We assume that there will be people would still like to look back at posts and find fanworks to their interest, so we'll probably give it 2-3 months before deleting those tags. We would love to keep them, but unfortunately, having the tags there (despite the rename) may make some people think that it's still okay to post fanworks here.

The only tag that may relate to fanwork and will remain is the scanlations tag because we have scanlations of magazine pages under there, and that doesn't exactly fall under fanwork. That being said though, scanlated doujinshi would still not belong here. That goes to kismyshowtime.

So, if you're interested in graphics, whether it'd be sharing or looking to use, please join kismygraphics!

If you have any questions/problems/suggestions, just leave me a comment here or send me a PM.

We're currently looking at some possible new additions to the community to make it as informative and useful for members as it could be, so look forward to them!
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