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Hi everybody! my english is not good, so please forgive me if i say something wrong
you've heard Kiss for you right? Do you know  who rap from 3:04, "Time... I Don't Know Why But君への距離I Want To Fly
Kiss For Uもっと近くI Feel U It's The Time..." and who sing "kiss for you" in high voice?
first, i thought that Taipi rap this part and Hiro sing kiss for you in higher voice. But when i watch the part that is cut from DVD 31.07, I see the raper is Hiro :| why Hiro? his voice like the voice of Taipi. and maybe Taipi sing "kiss for you" in higher voice :|.
Because i can't watch the face of Taipi so i don't know exactement what happened!
have you heard or watch SC novembre, Kisumai performe Kiss for you there? can you tell me
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