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[MOD] Schedule Posts

As you can see in the previous post, we now have a new addition to the KisuMai community!

I've heard that some members have requested for this through other mods and to be honest, I've been meaning to put together something similar for some time as well, but just never had time. It is here now though!

We now have monthly schedules to tell you where you can expect to see KisuMai in media and concerts/shows, etc every day of the month. The format was adapted from jone_records with permission, and hopefully everyone will find the schedules useful and easy to read.

At the moment, the plan is to post each month's schedule either on the last day of the previous month or the first day of the month, unless something worth noting is happening and I decide that members should know earlier. I'm sure the big stuff like CD releases would be announced in a regular post, so if any release dates does end up at the beginning of the month, I'll try to get the schedule out a little earlier, but no promises.

Once we have a few more posts, we will have make an archive of the schedule posts. A simple post to link all schedules together. We'll put that under the ! archives tag.

For this month, we already know all the Moshimo Tours episodes and which episodes have KisuMai members in them, however, starting next month, I will list Moshimo Tours on all Saturdays, and just note that we don't know if KisuMai members are appearing yet as there is a possibility of an irregular rotation and we can't just assume. With magazine appearances, sometimes, there may be a really small article in a TV magazine with KisuMai members in it, but unless it's big enough to be listed in the table of contents or on J-Net, it'll likely not be included in the schedule, just because otherwise, there would be so much to keep track.

It's the same with wide shows like Zip! and Mezamashi. If members are guesting in the studio (like promoting for a drama) and we know ahead of time, then it'll be noted in the schedule, but if it's just a report on a concert for example, those are harder to keep track and we'll be keeping those off the schedule. Sorry.

The plan is to go backwards when I have time and cover all of 2011 since it's the year that KisuMai really started being busy with various non-regular appearances in media, especially with their debut. Before that, most of their appearances were rather standard with only a few extra appearances here and there.

If you have any comments/questions/suggestions/problems, just drop me a comment on this post or send me a PM (providing that you check that you can receive a reply!).

Hope you will all enjoy this new addition!
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