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[News/Info] Fujigaya Taisuke - Winter Drama Supporting Role

It's airing right now on ZIP and it was in the newspapers this morning in Japan as well. Fujigaya Taisuke will be acting in a supporting role for the Winter Drama "理想の息子" (Risou no Musuko = The Perfect Son). The lead role is played by Yamada Ryosuke from Hey!Say!Jump and another supporting cast member will be Nakajima Yuuto from the same group.

Yamada and Nakajima will play classmates, while Fujigaya is said to take on the role of their upperclassman (senpai). The broadcasting station is NTV (which previously broadcasted Misaki No.1) and the drama is to air in the Saturday night slot.

More information will be added to this post when more information pops up.

[EDIT]: Apparently Fujigaya will be playing a delinquent again and he will not have a mother (? - which would be in stark contrast to the lead role's mother-complex I guess) but he'll have a dream which he wants to achieve...or something like that. The articles aren't very clear yet so I hope more information will pop up soon.

Source: Official Website of the drama, Nikkan Sports


Also, ZIP showed a preview of the "We never give up" PV! I hope that my sources will have it when I wake up again in roughly 10 hours or so. If they do I will upload it to the comm then!

[EDIT]: ZIP (the PV part) has already been uploaded in another post by another user, so check it out there :D The Drama part didn't feature Fujigaya at all
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