Luma (luma_chan) wrote in kis_my_ft2,

[Jnet] Johnny's Net video update

Johnny's Net video section has been updated with a new video, and since it's labeled as Sexy Zone I'm guessing a lot of Kisumai fans would just ignore it, but this time better not! Since EbiKisu (and by this I mean, Ebi, and the trio - we all know which 3 XP; - from Kisumai) are there too since it's about the handshake event they participated in also. In the meanwhile it only has the BIS duo from SZ, so although they're doing practically all the talking, there's a lot more EbiKisu boys there. In their private clothes ♥

EDIT: Another update for Jnet video section just now! Now there's a new video for full Kisumai also! ^^

You can view both videos in Johnny's Net under the video section.

Please remember, do not rip and post downloads or streaming of Johnny's Net/TakiChannel videos anywhere!
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