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Shokura 070610 - Now or Not?

From Littlix Subs:

Here's the deal.

We have Shokura 070610 subs which we said we would sub awhile ago. The subs is only around 50% complete, but this figure actually means that most of the episode is done, except there are no song translations or romanizations, no karaoke and fancy typeset. It's only the subs for the segments where there's talking.

The question is: Do the fans want it like this first, while waiting for us to finish our final release? I think it will take at least a few more weeks to get the final version done, so that's why I'm thinking of releasing this now. The Shokura subbing topic also showed that some people are interested in a release like this: only segments, no distractions during performances (like you'd look at the subs when your favourite Johnny's on screen anyway xD). So do you want it?

In short, it means if you want Shokura 10th June subbed right now (minus the performances), reply in the topic. With enough response we WILL release it NOW

( Reply here to get your voice heard as one of them who wants the sub now )

x-posted to most Jr related communities + kattunlove  as Ueda is in this episode.
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