Claudia (loveandcoffee) wrote in kis_my_ft2,

[Kis-My-Ft2 J-web] We never give up! special messages translations

On J-web, there is a special mini site for the release of "We never give up!". Aside from the single details, it includes some reports and a message from each member. Every day a new message from a different member is posted. I'm translating them over at my journal. So far it's been only Miyacchi and Kitamitsu.

Notice that I'll keep translating their new messages daily but won't be crossposting them to the community everyday or it would be spam (I'll probably do another post when all have been translated) so feel free to take a look at my lj from time to time.

(We never give up! special message: Miyata Toshiya)
(We never give up! special message: Kitayama Hiromitsu)
Tags: translations: j-webs

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