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[Jnet] Johnny's Net video update

Sorry for yet another post. Kisumai has gotten yet another video update for Johnny's Net (since the last video update was also Kisumai, it doesn't really show on the main page updates list - or then it just doesn't appear yet?). In the latest video the boys teach the dance moves for We Never Give Up so be sure not to miss :3 It's 6min so quite long for a non-FC video ^^ (Although given, a lot of it has just the PV normally.)

You can view the video in Johnny's Net under the video section.

And unless you have already checked (since Kisumai video has been up for a while already), be sure not to miss the Johnny's Xmas messages either. The can be found here (Kisumai box is one of the green ribbon ones on the lower part of the screen.) There's currently also Kisumai CM video playing on the Johnny's Net main site (not sure how often they switch between what's playing there but the video stream is marked 15th.)

Please remember, do not rip and post downloads or streaming of Johnny's Net/TakiChannel videos anywhere!
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