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[MOD] A small update + an announcement

Hello dear members! 

The first thing I want to talk about is two new tags; downloads: moshimo tours and downloads: uwasa/kuroshiro. I think they pretty much speak for themselves. The latter one means it's okay to post both full episodes (Nakai Masahiro no Ayashii Uwasa no Toshokan) and just Kisumai's KuroShiro segment under there. :)

The second thing I'd like to address is the community Twitter account. It's been inactive for ages due to me being really busy with university but I'm planning on tweeting again soon. Just a reminder to those who haven't gotten their follow requests accepted: You need to read this entry more carefully as you have not followed all the steps. 

The third thing I thought I'd mention is the discussion posts that will pop up every time Kisumai have a new release from now on. While we want to keep the community as "clean" as possible, we mods feel that the social interacting is a very important part of fandom and that people need a place where they can talk freely about the song(s), the outfits, and whatnot. (You still need to behave though. :P) So yeah, when they have their next release (single, album, or DVD) you'll be able to talk about it over here.

And the last thing is something that might stir up some emotions. Kisumai have been asked on their radio show to name their fans (you know like Justin Bieber fans are "Beliebers" and KAT-TUN fans are "Hyphens") and they're currently thinking about a name for us. :) I, personally, am very excited since it's the boys deciding the name and it means they're thinking about us. As I said, they're thinking about it right now. ^___^

That's all I had to say for now. Is there anything you want to ask? What's your thoughts on the fandom name thing? Just leave a comment! :)

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