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[news/info] Album Covers + smaSTATION + Nakai's Show

The covers for the 1st Album are out! You can check them out on the official Kisumai Website HERE or on Johnny's Net HERE.

A little odd that the album covers come out before the single ones but I guess they have to coordinate things with the CM for the single first? Who knows.

As a side-note, J-net recently changed/updated their domains so update your bookmarks if you had any :)

Also, Kis-My-Ft2 (it has not been confirmed yet whether it will be as a whole group or only single members) will appear on smaSTATION on March 17th.

Furthermore, Fujigaya, Tamamori and Kitayama will all appear on the next episode of Nakai's Show (Ayashii Uwasa no Atsumaru Toshokan) along with Yamapi (and Kyomoto Taiga - but he'll only be in a VTR and not in the studio apparently).
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