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HamaKisu and More

Another episode of HamaKisu has been confirmed!

According to early release of TV Guide, the show will be aired on 3/23, starting at 23:15 going until 24:15. It is still considered a special program however, and there is no announcements about the show becoming a regular one (just yet hopefully!). From the short description, it seems like KisuMai will be made to cross suspension bridge 10m above waters! Robert's (comedic trio) Akiyama as well as Untouchable's Yamazaki are guests (for different parts).

Also, as a note, Moshimo Tours is on break until April 7th according to the official website and that April 7th episode will have Hannya, so it'll be a while before we see KisuMai members on it again.

With their single and album being released soon, there are quite a few TV, radio, and magazine appearances (a few covers). Please check the monthly schedule for more details.

Edit: Forgot to mention. Since KissMints CMs are now airing, you can watch all versions of the CM on the official website, and there's a short making video! You can watch them all here.
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