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[news/info] Crea Shows

The rumors started to go around last night when the flyer leaked but it's been confirmed.

Nikaido, Senga, Miyata and Yokoo are going to have their own Theatre Crew shows this year. There will only be a few shows though because other groups (Kanju, ABC-Z, Uchi w/Question?, Noon Boys ...) will also have shows.

The detailed schedule is as follows:

Location: Theatre Crea, Tokyo
Duration: 27th April - 3rd June 2012 (Total of 48 shows)

27th April (Friday) - 30th April (Monday, Holiday)
- Senga Kento, Miyata Toshiya, Nikaido Takashi, Yokoo Wataru (Kis-My-Ft2)

8th May (Tuesday) - 10th May (Thursday) + 15th May (Tuesday) - 17th May (Thursday)

22nd May (Tuesday) + 23rd May (Wednesday) + 25th May (Friday) - 31st May (Thursday)
- Uchi Hiroki with Question?

11th May (Friday) - 13th May (Sunday)
- ABC-Z with noon boyz

18th May (Friday) - 20th May (Sunday) + 1st June (Friday) - 3rd June (Sunday)
- ABC-Z with Johnny's Jr.

4th May (Friday, Holiday) - 6th May (Sunday)
- Kansai Jr. Group 1 (Fujii Ryusei, Kotaki Nozomu, Takemoto Shinpei, Shingaki Yuto, Mukai Koji, Kaneuchi Toma, Muro Ryuta, Nakama Junta) 

26th May (Saturday) - 28th May (Monday)
- Kansai Jr. Group 2 (Kiriyama Akito, Shigeoka Daiki, Kamiyama Tomohiro, Hamada Takahiro, Nakama Junta)

Source: J-Net Schedule + Fanclub Email
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