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Duet, Potato and Wink Up April 2012 KisuMai, A.B.C-Z, Johnny's Juniors, etc Scans

KisuMai spreads from recent magazines, including pin-ups. 300dpi.

( Delayed crossposting )

Other than scans, also bring some short translations! Myojo July and August 2010. Third and fourth round of KisuBuro. Senga talks about a particular sign he found on the streets while Taisuke talks about a present he received from Senga.

( There's something about this Pooh-san... )

Also, if you haven't heard yet, the goods list for the upcoming tour is out.

Pamphlet - 2000yen
Poster (one type) - 800yen
Uchiwa (seven types) - 500yen
Clearfiles (eight types) - 500yen
Photosets (seven types) - 600yen
Shushu (scrunchie) - 1300yen
T-shirt - 2500yen
Tote bag - 1500yen
Penlight - 1300yen

Please check the comm's pre-orders master post to see who you can buy the goods from.
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