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[news/info] Baseball Tournament + Stage Play (Yokoo + Nikaido)

Short notice before we get to the good news.

The Baseball Tournament from March will be broadcast by FujiTV ONE, 5/3 17:30 - 19:30 !
The channel is a paid satelite/cable channel which you can only get via a subscription to Sukapa or CS (it's also the same channel that aired the ABC-Z Documentary before), so only few people get it. Let's still hope it pops up somewhere.


Then, Yokoo Wataru and Nikaido Takashi will be in a stage play this August! It's called 銀河英雄伝説 撃墜王篇 ~ angel of battlefield ~ ["Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu - Gekitsui Ou-hen ~ angel of battlefield ~"] (I think, which means something like "Legend of the Milkyway - Chapter: King of Shooters ~ angel of battlefield ~ (gekitsui literally means shooting down [aircrafts])

More details are up on the play's official website :D

Source: Official Website of the Play

[EDIT]: Okay so the correct translation of the play is "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" and it's based on a novel/anime/computer game series, which I think is also pretty popular in the non-Japanese speaking world. Here's a link to the wikipedia page of the series if you want to read up about it a bit more: clicky clicky
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