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First Official KisumaiPh Gathering~

We are inviting Filipino and Philippine-based Kis-My-Ft2 fans to our first official gathering (+ late birthday celebration for Tama and Senga + celebration for Kisumai's successful releases in the Philippines!) this April 28, 3:30 pm ONWARDS, in Astoria Plaza Suites. We have games and activities planned out for everyone's enjoyment! Click on the event poster for details~

Also, we would also like to share that Kis-My-Ft2's We Never Give Up single made it in Top 15 of Astrovision/Astroplus Top-selling albums in the week March 19-25 (Top 11 in the overall and Top 7 in the foreign artists list), despite having the  release in the Philippines on March 24. Check out the picture here.

Go squeeze out~
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