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Kis-My-MiNT Tour 2012 Tokyo Dome Report

EDIT: Kis-My-MiNT Tour 2012 Tokyo Dome Report is completed!! All links are provided :)

YES! Finally the report of the concert is done and here! ゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜ヽ( ´∀`)人(´∀` )ノ・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*
I tried my best to recall details of each song, and with help and reminders from my friend Michiko, I was able to piece up some details that I kind of remembered but unsure where and when it happened. Thank you, Mich!!
First of all, I wanted to tell you all about my seating location. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Although it's not an arena seat, but in my opinion, it's way better than arena seats!! Why is that? Well, you'll read why later in my details :D

So here's a little glimpse of the dome from my seat (and my friend's dezzajp's seat)
We were seated on the stands!!! Right next to the roller skate tracks!! (left picture is mine, right is dezzajp's)>

Opening~ “1st" Overture— Video was shown on the main screen of Kisumai commanding a spaceship. I would like to call that Kis-My-Ship, lol. There was this huge mushroom cloud thing hung up in the middle, and the white tarp draped from top to bottom to the center stage. As the Overture played, each member’s face is projected onto the white tarp.

Girl is mine—OH.MY.GOD… I think it was Taipi who shouted “Kis-My-Ft2, TOKYO~!!!” before the white tarp dropped. Fireworks shot up from the main stage as the tarp dropped, and all of them were suspended 25 meters up above the center stage and wearing silver-ish space outfit. I was super thrilled when I saw Taipi’s direction was facing toward my section, kyaaa!! (I think Mitsu and Tama were facing the front)

SHE!HER!HER!—They came down onto the center stage. Taipi… Oh my love, he was being so cute when he did the blow kiss at the beginning of the song <3 Ahh, the wink and smile on his face!! This was the first song that audience started to do the hand moves with them.

Everybody Go—They got roller skates on and started to speed around the stage and tracks! This is their debut song and there’s no excuse for you if you don’t know every single word to the lyrics! I’m just so glad that I got to shout “Kis-My-Go!”, “oh yeah!”, “that’s right!” and singing & doing all the hand moves, it really was like dream-come-true for me because I’ve been wanting to do this for so long!! Mitsu, Miyacchi, and Tama passed in front of me at least twice, others I just saw them passed by once. During this song Mitsu, Taipi, and Tama introduced themselves. After the intro of first lyric, Everybody go! the colored Kis-My-Mint tour ribbons were released at arena area.

Tension—Senga, Miyacchi, Yokoo, and Nika’s turn to introduce themselves. The boys were all over the place still in roller skates. Super fun and high tension.

Inori—Beautiful a cappella intro!! Makes you wish they would release another version of Inori with this intro! (they were back onto the main stage and lights were off because the stage was dark and spotlights were used during the acapella intro. They wore a red archbishop like cloak or something. They were covered from neck down to their feet.)

Dancing Star—Fire shoot up and laser effect on the stage, with the word “Dancing Star” fading in and out on the main screen. Everything looked pretty cool.

『蛹』- Kitayama's solo— I’m sorry to any fellow Mitsu fans out there, but this song isn’t the greatest pick to sing it live. I don’t know, maybe because of the sound system being too loud or whatnot, but it was kind of like a torture to my ears. I liked it much better when I listened to it on my laptop with my BOSE sound system, lol. But the guitar play sure was cool. He first appeared on top of the main stage above the half-circular rink and then afterwards he went down/ slid down to the main stage. And as he sing there were visual effects on the big screen behind him.

Kickin' it—Taipi and Tama reappeared to join Mitsu on stage. My eyes kept following Taipi and hoped he would come close to this way, but he didn’t… They were mainly on the center stage and the tracks around it.*sad face* They were also kicking many colorful signed balls to the audience. Those who got to catch it in the arena seats were so lucky. Tama's ball was yellow, Taipi's was blue and Mitsu's ball was red or pinkish.

3D Girl/Hair—I think this medley started on the front stage, and then moved to the center stage, with large rings appeared. It was mostly exhibitions using the rings. Choreography included jumping over or through the rings.

Accent Dance—as cool as you would expect from Kisumai J

S.O.KISS—Great performance as expected. They were still on the center stage and did just a short part of the song. Not much memory on this one. I kinda wish they would also perform Kiss for You.

Ame—They were up on the front stage again. I don’t think there was any surprise during this one, but glad they sang it because I really like this song… Too bad it’s not in their Kis-My-Zero though. I wish they include My Love too…

No.1 Friend—This was a wonderful surprise to me because I didn’t think they’d sing this! (according to my friend Michiko, this was probably added perhaps to give time to Miyata, Senga and Tama for costume change since next performance was Sing for you.) I love me some HiroSuke moment XD (They were up on the front stage still, kinda far from my view though)

Sing for you—Possibly the cutest song of the night. Seeing Senga, Miyacchi, and Tama appeared on the main stage in props that looked like flower nursery (?) and making cute faces was totally “aww” for me.  The expressions they exchanged with each other were cuteee… What an “Adorable 3”, lol. Quoted from my friend Michiko “Tama had a flower bed in front of his chest, lol!” They sang and moved up to the center stage, where a tree and a tiny flower bed (I think) were there. They did some magic tricks. Tama’s trick was changing a flower into a butterfly. He tried to catch the butterfly as it flew away. He finally caught it and kissed it, and gave us a really sweet smile *melt*
I heard some others who sat really close to the center stage that they could see the transparent string that was stringing the butterfly, lol.

Tabitachi no utaThey’re on roller skates again, and it sure was a song with “dash” feeling to it. Before the sang this song danced with their roller skates lit up in LED lights. They raced from the front stage through the center and up to the main. And toward the end of the song where they were all up on the main stage on top of that half-circular rink, the music paused, and Taipi went “ikima~su!!” (Okay, I’m going!!) with such a cute smiley face!! Him being the lead every single one of them slid down one by one into a single file back to the center stage. Their roller skates were all lit-up except for Miyacchi. Afterwards, they performed Kiss my Venus, still at the center stage and with their roller skates lit-up.

Kis-My-VenusThey were up on center stage first and then zapping around the dome again and waved at us. Every single one of them got this huge grin on their faces… So adorable.

Wakamono tachi      This was added at Tokyo dome. I think they went to the back stage while singing this and then went to the main stage before the song ended in time for the MC

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