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Kis-My-MiNT TOUR 2012.06.03 12:00 show – Concert Report [Sapporo]

Yesterday I went to Kis-My-Ft2's Kis-My-MiNT TOUR 2012.06.03 12:00 show at Hokkaidoritsu Sougou Taiiku Center / Kitayell!

Kis-My-Ft2’s concert was amazing! I can’t believe how lucky I was! Not only was my seat an arena seat, but I was on the very edge, RIGHT next to the side stage. And not only that, but I was right where they always stopped/slowed down to wave and do some fan service!

If you're interested, I wrote up my experience, as well as the set-list.  I tried my best to write down everything from the MC and everthing that happened!! ><

After waiting around the venue, at 11:00 PM they started letting the audience in. I was happy enough that my seat was an arena seat, but when I got in, I was incredibly lucky that my seat was on the very edge! It was way too surreal!
Here’s an INCREDIBLY rough sketch of the venue that I could remember. It was really small!..but I guess I was lucky that it was, cause they came around SO many times!~

I managed to get a picture of the center curtain, but there was so much staff around and I didn’t want to get caught taking pictures, so I only got this one before the concert.

This one I got at the end

At exactly 12:00 the lights went off, and a VTR of Kisumai in a spaceship with Kitayama narrating came on.

SET LIST! (pretty much the same as reported by others)
-“1st Overture” – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Zero—Curtain fell

-Girl is mine – I was expecting to see all of Kisumai hanging on wires behind the curtain, but instead they were standing on the platforms they used for FIRE BEAT during the debut tour!

-SHE! HER! HER! – They stayed in the center and performed there. I remember there were a lot of kyaa’s for Tama’s part.~

-Everybody Go – Kitayama, Tamamori, & Fujigaya did some introductions here. Here is where I met eyes with Fujigaya first!! I’d say it was for a good 4 seconds or so! & Tamamori stood in front of me for the longest time too! He never looked directly down at me though, and for about the rest of the concert he focused on the right/center side of the venue, so I didn’t get to see him as much as I hoped. >< But I remember thinking how sharp his jaw bone/face was in general~ I got the perfect view.~

-Tension – They ran around a lot! Here Miyata, Nikaido, Yokoo, & Senga did some introductions too. Then they also introduced the 8 or so juniors that would participate in the concert. The only two I recognized was Anderson & Yasui Kentaro. ><

-Inori – The acapella opening was really pretty! Here they performed on the front, so I remember having to stand on my tiptoes the whole time. (I basically did every time they performed in the front or center ><)

-Short dance that led into..

-Dancing Star – They remained in the front still, and I wanted to make sure I saw Fujigaya’s “can’t fly” butterfly live and not just on the monitor. XD And at the end, Fujigaya introduced Kitayama Hiromitsu

-Sanagi – He rose in in the front on the ramp with his white guitar. He played a little introduction, and the song started. I think this song’s so funny, I couldn’t help giggling at some parts.~ XD I love it! In the middle, he surprised me by sliding down the huge ramp in the front with the guitar! So unexpected! I was surprised. He finished the song down there.

-Kickin’ it – The boys came out with some balls and juniors following them holding balls too & they kicked them into the audience! They really didn’t go too far though! XD Fujigaya kicked one of his balls & it missed the audience, but he got it back from the staff and re-kicked it~ The three were really cute together. &I loved the end—“Just kick it now---woow~”

-Here was a Hair/3D Girl/dance medley. The beginning started with Fujigaya’s “Hair~”, Kitayama’s “Midnight crazy” & Nikaido’s “Break”, and went into 3D Girl. They also performed a really cool dance in the middle stage. Then it went into Hair. All I could think was, “Ah~ Fujigaya really is exotic~” XD Then they went back into a dance.

-S.O.KISS – They went back to the front & performed up there! I loove Tama’s part near the end! <3

-Ame – Another acapella opening! Here they walked around a lot, and Fujigaya & Nikaido were close to me for a long time I remember too!

-Sing For You – This was incredibly cute! Maybe my favorite performance! Those three boys together are so cute! At “1-2-3 chikazuku hodo ni” they stood in a line and put their hands on each other’s shoulders with the beat. Then half way through they did some cheesy magic tricks. Senga (Miyata too?) made flowers appear, and Tama made it look like a butterfly was floating between his hands. The music paused during Tama’s & he made the cutest face!! >< He also kissed a flower & threw it into the audience.

-Tabidachi no Uta – The intro. was longer than usual. They put on roller skates here.

-The Roller Skate featured dance! Here it was Tama’s skates that didn’t light up! >< But I wish I was closer to the center to see it properly. Even when I was on my tiptoes, I only got glimpses of the skates lighting up. So I had to rely on the monitor (which I wanted to refrain from doing if I could cause the monitor to me is like watching them..second handed? In my mind, if I get the chance to see them live, I should look at them live. XD ..weird thinking I know. ><)

-It went back into Tabidachi no Uta. Here they went up to the front, and Fujigaya yelled “ikimasu~” and went down the ramp first. They sang and skated on the ramp!~

-Kis-My-Venus – They came around me a lot!~ (sorry I can’t remember anything too special)

-MC – They talked about Hokkaido dialect a lot! >< With my mediocre Japanese still, I couldn’t understand a lot of what they said! DX But they were joking a lot with “dosanko” (people from/born in Hokkaido) They really didn’t understand who fell under the title of dosanko. XD They finally figured out it was both the girls and boys (everyone). Miyata was like “dosanko matsuri daaa~” XDDDD
Senga was picked on too. Tama didn’t miss the chance to call him gorilla of course. ;)
They talked about Tamamori and his tama negi. Kitayama said that it because it was Tamamori getting a whole bunch of tama negi it was cute (because of the tama). If it was someone like Senga getting that much, someone would think “fuzaken ja nee!” They talked about the kind of dishes Tamamori can make with tama negi, and how he failed with the tama negi tamagoyaki. XD
& I’m not sure (curse my limited Japanese ><) but I think they were making dirty jokes here. Miyata said “tama mokkori” & I really couldn’t understand what everyone was saying (it seems like at the Kis-My-Party before they were making the same mokkori jokes), but Tama was like “ore dake jyanee ka, minna tama mokkori na no” XDDDD
When Kitayama announced the tour DVD being released, he messed up the release date instead of saying the 20th (hatsuka) he said the 10th (touka). XD
They were teasing how Nikaido wasn’t saying anything, and Senga went right in front of Nikaido and said, “souna Nikaido kiraijyanai yo~” XDDD
Then Fujigaya complained to Senga & Nikaido about how they really loud at the hotel at 3:30 AM. They were watching a DVD. I think Senga was saying that Nikaido thinks Matsumoto Hitoshi is amazing. (if I caught that right?)
Nikaido then said that when Senga went in the bath/shower he was singing a lot. He was saying it was practice for today~ XD Then they all were telling him to sing! And the audience was applauding, and so he was semi-forced to sing in front of everyone. AH~ So cute!! Right before he sang, he looked really embarrassed and shy, but he sang Yozora no Mukou. AH~ He started out serious, but then it turned funny. He added “woo~ yeaaah~” at the end. Then they were like, “from behind we couldn’t really get it,” so all 6 went in front of Senga and sat down on the middle ramp that connects to the center in three rows of two. Senga really didn’t want to, but they were like saying that today was the last and that he practiced a lot right~ Then Senga asked when they wanted to hear, and they started naming all of these songs they wanted him to sing, like Fujigaya said Take Over, then they said Sanagi, and Mr. Children’s songs. Then Senga chose to sing Ozaki Yutaka’s I LOVE YOU. He started out serious again, but then it turned funny too. Nikaido here fell down laughing and stayed laying down for the short solo. XD Kitayama was making fun of the way he said “I love you.” But they really praised him afterwards. They were really impressed.
Then they started to introduce the next song & were saying how it is a really great song with a nice melody and words. While they were doing this, the juniors came on stage and brought out standing microphones with like a little Christmas tree looking lights on it. Then the music started again~

-Tell me why – The Christmas tree light thing on the microphone lit up to each members color. Ah~ I really love this song~ &Tama’s “aitai~”

-Junior’s spotlight – They appeared in the back danced and sang to KAT-TUN’s Bokura no Machi de, performed a dance, and then sang NEWS’ weeeek.

-We never give up! – Kisumai rose in the front on top of the ramp. There was a bright white light right behind Kitayama, Tamamori, & Fujigaya, so it was a bit hard to look at directly at first. It was supposed to give off a silhouette sort of image I guess. But I was really looking forward to listening to this live. <3

-Shake it up! – This is a great concert song! Fujigaya came so close when he was rapping! <3 But the furitsuke for this is…stomping? XD During the bridge, the members stood in place and did a stomping kind of movement, and Kitayama was yelling “Touch!” XD ..I guess I’ll have to wait till the DVD comes out to fully understand what was going on. >< In the moment with all the members walking by it was hard to concentrate on my surroundings. XDD

-Love is you – This was song was SUPER cute!! Kitayama & Yokoo were on the left side of the venue, Tamamori, Miyata, & Senga were together in the back, and I assume Nikaido & Fujigaya were on the right side. I didn’t look there at all, I focused on Tamamori, Miyata, and Senga. This song is full of Miyatama.~ Each group had a clothes rack and were like trying to figure out what to pick out & what to wear kind of thing. In the back with the three, Miyata tried hugging Tamamori, but he pushed him away. Then Tamamori took out a banana from his pocket and showed it to Senga, and Senga acted like a gorilla and got it. XDDDDD Then they all ran to the middle, where the red tent was, and entered individually. Kitayama and Fujigaya were last to enter. The song stopped half way through.

-Kisumai Girls Contest!~ AH~ I’m so glad I could see this!! They were being introduced, and gave cute little lines when their names came up posing with the gum~ <3 Then they walked to the front, and then Miyata was announced the winner. As Kitayama, Tamamori, & Fujigaya were congratulating him individually, the music stopped & the camera zoomed in on the member and their recorded voice came on so it was like we could hear what they were thinking type of thing. Hard to explain, sorry! >< Then Miyata did it too and he made a pretty ugly face here I remember. XDD
Then the actual contest started. The theme was “Hokkaido no chuushuu de ai wo sakende” (I think?) Even though they were supposed to be girls, they said they should do it as boys. First was Yokoo. He did a big/loud “ikimasu~” before going! (Sorry, I couldn’t really fully understand so I won’t post what they were saying) But before each member, the SHE! HER! HER! SHE! HER! HER! SHE! HER! HER!, Kisumai chant went on~ Next was Senga, and in his at the very end, he added singing “I love you~” ;D Nikaido was next and he started his with flapping his dress like it was wings. Tamamori was next, and he sort of slipped when he was saying his. Very cute! Next was Kitayama, and he used a mannequin as a prop, and started wrestling with it. Then he was like, 1-2-suki! XDDDD Then Fujigaya did his, and he came to the middle copying flapping his skirt like Nikaido. XD Next was Miyata, and his was looong and…bad. XD The SHE! HER! HER! SHE! HER! HER! SHE! HER! HER!, Kisumai chant came on after he finished, so he continued and drew it out longer. XDD But when he finished, everyone surrounded him so you couldn’t see him anymore, and they were pretend punching him. Then Miyata came out changed in his Miyashirt. Then Love is you started again. The rest changed into white otoko tanks. Senga, Miyata, Nikaido, & Yokoo were behind white curtains while Fujigaya, Tamamori, and Kitayama were in front of them singing. On the curtains we could see their silhouettes and there was a camera behind the curtain filming each, and the monitor kept switching between the four while they kept making cute faces.

-Catch & Go – New furitsuke to learn! This song was also really cute!! They skated all around!~ Half way through, the four went to the front and climbed up to the top of the ramp. They were supposed to skate down the ramp onto another ramp and jump and catch a ball. We had to shout “Catch & Go, Go!” before each member went. First was Yokoo. He skated down, but at the second ramp he barely made it over—couldn’t jump at all. Next was Nikaido, and he did the same thing. Then Yokoo came up, and was like, this part is really dangerous..and pointed at a part of the ramp to Miyata. I think it was too close to the big ramp and there wasn’t enough room to jump like they planned it. Next was Miyata, and he couldn’t make over the second ramp at all! XD So funny! And last was Senga, and he came so fast and flew over the second ramp (couldn’t catch the ball though). I guess he was best out of all of them, but it still looked pretty dangerous. XD Then they went back to singing Catch & Go! At the end Miyata introduced Fujigaya Taisuke, Love meeee.

-Love meee – I was really looking forward to this~~ The stage lit up with a bed with red sheets & a teddy bear on it. Then it went dark, and Fujigaya appeared. When he danced, he held the bear the whole time. <3 At the bridge, he laid down on the bed, and the bed was lifted and he went up in the air! He continued to sing there, and slowly came down as the song ended. The ending was extended a bit (the music box music).

-Next was a segment with Kitayama and Tamamori up really high in the front. There was space-type background sounds, and they were talking about the audience. The cameras zoomed in on audience members in the stands. It was really nice fan service for those fans who were farthest away I thought. It was cute! Then Senga, Miyata, Yokoo, & Nikaido came out on carts on the very top!!

-Take Over – Fujigaya, Kitayama, & Tamamori also got up there and came close to those fans up there.

-FIRE BEAT – The members switched sides here. So whoever was on the left side of the venue up there came to the right, and right to the left. Here I remember Tamamori & Fujigaya came to the left side up there cause I search for Tamamori to see his head banging. <3 Twice as lucky that Fujigaya was right next to him too~ Half way through the song they came down to the front. Kitayama, Tamamori, & Fujigaya were on the top of the big ramp, and the four were on the bottom. During the song, all went to the top of the ramp and the song ended with 7 big fire balls in the front.

-WINNING RUN – Up there they all got flags and skated everywhere!!! <3 Here Tamamori finally came to the left side of the venue again. ;D

-Good night – So sad to hear this song—cause it means the concert is over—but it really is pretty. They were in the front all together. I love Taisuke’s “yeah~” and Tamamori’s part right after. <3 I paid close attention there.~ ;)

-When it ended, they were saying their good-byes and thank you’s and good nights. They each sat down in space-like bubble chairs, and looked like they were sleeping. I remember Miyata’s head was on Senga’s shoulder. XD

-Right away though, they started talking. The encore chants started while they were talking. Then the first encore!

-Kis-My-Me-Mine – Fujigaya & Tamamori came out with the orange shushu in their hair!! <3 At the “muuuwah” part, Tamamori & Fujigaya were right in front of each other and made their scrunchies kiss. XDDDDD &Here Nikaido was right in front of me, and I was close enough to hear his real voice. He was loud/close enough, and I heard like the split second delay of the microphone. I thought it was cool. ;)

-Then they reintroduced the juniors and thanked them. Then they thanked us again and disappeared again. The encore chant lasted for a minute before the second encore.

-SHE! HER! HER! – They came out with balls!! They were focusing so much on where to throw the balls they skipped some parts of their lines. <3

-Then they said thank you again, and it felt like the concert abruptly ended. >< Well, they did have another show in like an hour, so they couldn’t do a billion encores like I dreamed. So sad it ended though. ><

Overall impressions: -
-Senga is REALLY good at fan service. He would always read the uchiwas and properly do it! In the beginning, the girl who was right next to me had a chuu uchiwa, and he did it with both hands! It was so cute!!!~ I was sooo lucky I was right next to her!!!!~
-I really wish I remember which song I thought this, but Nikaido has a big butt! When he was right in front of me, he was singing towards the stands, and he was shaking his butt was RIGHT in front of me. XDDDDDDD
-Fujigaya’s a really good entertainer overall. He can sing and dance, and like Senga was nice about the fan service too. Everyone was, really.
-For some reason I had the impression that Miyata was bigger than he was, but he really is the same size as everyone. XD
-Kitayama has such a small face though~ And he and Yokoo came the closest to me though when they were on carts. As if I wasn’t already close enough, they came into the gap where the staff stood. <3 I swear I’m crazy lucky when it comes to concerts.
-I think Yokoo came around my side the most! But I have such deep impressions of everyone coming around a lot though, all except Tamamori. ><; But since I was on the edge, I was able to make eye contact with everyone! <3 ..except Tamamori there too. XD
-There was a lot of love between Fujigaya & Yokoo today. They would walk down the center with their arms around each other’s shoulders and would mess around with each other.
-I really couldn’t notice as much Miyatama as I wanted, mostly cause I couldn’t see Tama a lot of the time. (sorry if I sound bitter about this. XDD I realize I keep repeating it)
-I’m so lucky I got tickets to this small venue. Since it was so small, not only was I closer, but the members came around in front of me so many times, I lost count. But I guess I’m really lucky at all to get this opportunity to be able to go to a Kis-My-Ft2 concert. It felt like a huge majority of the fans had so much exposure/opportunity to go to Kis-My-Ft2 concert’s, that they didn’t get as hyped up as me and would only just stand there with a blank face until one of the members came along—then they would yell & point to their uchiwa like crazy. XD ..But I guess each fan has their own way of enjoying concerts and it can’t be helped. ><
But definitely enjoyed this 100% and want to go again if I get the chance!! Their concerts are improving compared to their older ones that I’ve seen on the DVDs, and I hope to watch them grow more and more!

And if your interested, I wrote up my pre-concert as well~

So the whole entire day started with a bus ride at 11:55 PM on June 2, to get from Kitami to Sapporo. Around 6:00 AM, we arrived and we went right away to the venue because the concert goods would start selling at 7:30 AM. Even though we were about an hour early, there was still about 200 girls in front of us. But I was lucky that I came when I did, because every 10 min or so groups of girls would arrive and before long, the line was incredibly long. I came at literally the perfect time. *Something to keep in mind if I have the chance to go to another concert.*

I was really surprised to see how small the concert goods tent was!! There were only 3 tents that sold goods! Compared to Arashi’s (when I went last year and in 2008) it was about 1/4 or 1/5 the size. But I guess it can’t be helped, because the venue was really small, and they still aren’t incredibly popular too.
They made us all get in lines of 4, and then at 7:25 they started letting people buy goods. They started selling goods 5 min early!~ Then within 30 min I was able to get in and get all the goods I wanted—I went all out for this, and got the pamphlet, t-shirt, all 7 jumbo uchiwas, tote bag, 1 Kisumai clearfile and 1 Tamamori clearfile, penlight, and shushu.

Right next to the goods tent was another tent where you could turn in the A & B applications that came with the Kis-My-1st album and SHE! HER! HER! single. So I did that and got a little booklet folding thing. It came with all of their CD cover pictures on it, and on the back was Kis-My-1st.

Next to that was a tent selling all of Kisumai’s CD’s and where you could pre-order the DVD that comes with a special poster. So first I pre-ordered the DVD. The lady was really nice to me. My aunt was there to help with the pre-ordering and stuff, and told her I had come from America to go to the concert. She was really nice and asked who my favorite member was, and hoped that I’d enjoy the concert.

At the same tent, if you bought the limited editions of the album or single, it came with a huge promotional poster. So I took the opportunity and got another SHE! HER! HER! single just for the poster. Then as a gift, my aunt got me the album—limited B version—and so I got both of the promotional posters! >< I didn’t go to in the concert with her, she was just my chauffeur for the day. ^^

WARNING **There are pictures**
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