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Shounen Club 2006

Wah...I'm back again to spam your friends' pages. (I'm so sorry)

Ever had the moment when you really want to rewatch a clip or performance from Shokura and have no idea what episode it's from?? Well, here's something to help you!~

I've complied a list of songs performed and different segments from EVERY single episode of Shokura from the year 2006 into a freakin' neat chart for your convience. Yes, I'm still crazy. I know.

(Shonen Club 2006)

Note that the two episodes I said I was missing last time...are still missing...mainly because my Internet has been like THE worst over the weekend...hence downloading is really really slow. D= I shall fill in the boxes for those two episodes once I get them.

I'll probably start 2004 soon...but the weekend is over...so my progress shall be slow. I totally procrastinated doing this...I should be finishing my project D=

x-posted to various JE groups' comms...sorry for the spammage. D=
If anyone is part of comms that I'm not a member of (such as for K8, A.B.C.), feel free to pimp the list for me. ^^
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