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[news/info] Show Appearances + Beginners Goods + Fujigaya Taisuke 25th Birthday

After the exciting news about the upcoming single, there's also some other news about the drama "Beginners" I wanted to share with everyone as well as an update on show appearances by Kis-My-Ft2 to promote the new single and some tidbits from Fujigaya's Birthday celebration.

First though, congrats on getting Oricon's #1 spot with the Kis-My-Mint Tour DVD! The first week sales of the DVD broke the 120,000 mark.

Show Appearances:
July 2nd/3rd - Start of the show: Kitayama's Solitary India Trip (NTV)
July 2nd - SMAPxSMAP 2 Hour Special [Tamamori only] (Fuji TV)
July 14th - Ongaku no Hi (TBS)

I heard Music Station and HEYx3 appearances were also announced but without a date yet. So stay tuned for updates.

Also, for those who missed the news, Tamamori is also featured on a couple of pages in the ATARU Photobook, which was released on the 11th this month.

IF you're in Japan, you can also grab a copy of the free TBS promotions magazine ("La Boo") at the TV station's main building. The magazine features about 4 pages of "Beginners" promotion material (articles, pictures).

And speaking of merchandise...

LAWSON will be selling a special "Beginners Towel" at their stores starting July 1st. I don't know about the design or anything but it's said that the towel will be making an appearance in the drama - so I don't know if it's actually going to have "Beginners" design or print or if it's just a brand placement. We'll know in a bit less than a week. The towels will only be sold until the end of July (31st).

Furthermore, big banners/posters will be put up in the Shibuya and Omotesando area to promote beginners, so if you're in Japan, have fun spotting them!

Source: DUET Magazine Official Twitter

Then, as you all know, Fujigaya Taisuke's 25th Birthday was this monday (25th June). The cast and crew of "Beginners" celebrated his birthday with him and surprised him with a cake and presents at a press conference held for the drama. The cast also presented him with a signboard onto which all of them had written birthday messages for him.

taipi cake

taipi signboard

The next bit of news is for the shippers and/or the easily amused people ;)

Yamada Mihoko - a magazine reporter and regular on the Nagoya based show "Dodesuka" - included an amusing little bit of information in her tweets as to what other presents Fujigaya received from the cast. Apparently Kitayama's gift to Fujigaya was a jersey. What's more, Kitayama has a matching jersey to go with it. And if I got it correctly, the two have worn them, too.

Source: Yamada Mihoko Official Twitter
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