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Title: EverLasting

Rating: PG-13 (I Think)

Parings: Senga KentoXNikaido Takashi, Senga KentoXYokoo Wataru, Fujigaya TaisukeXKitayama Hiromitsu, Tamamori YutaXMiyata Toshiya, NEWS (Don't Know Yet), KAT-TUN (Don't Know Yet), Tackey&Tsubasa(Don't Know), Golf-Mike (Maybe Not)

Summary: Senga Kento, A boy that's going to an "All Boys School," nervous and scared is what he feels in his body and mind. But since it's his first day it seems that he got peoples attention. what will happen now since it's going to be his first day at an "All Boys School."

4 people make their show in this.

This is the school I go to and I will use it 4 the story am making now!! 
This is my school and i will use it for the story well it don't show the other building of the 
school but you should get the pic.

Another picture of the school
A close up to the school to me it looked like a mall or something

Here the gym for the school! and thats the
This is our gym where everything goes down.

The main hallway
then lastly here is the main hallway of the school.
so here.

       "WOW!" I never seen a school this "HUGE" before in my life its so big and to think I'm going to this kid of school. Then when I looked at the school, in the very front entrance of the school looks so great it's like am rich person being here, but sadly am not. I wounder if this is a rich school because just by looking at the school you would say that to, maybe their are rich kids here wearing the things that could cost over one thousand dollars.


Senga went through the whole school amazed by every little aspect and trying to find his homeroom class is at. while doing so he had never notice the clock telling him he's 10 minutes late for class, but than he just found class in which he belongs to.

"AHHHHHH, their it is" he said while having a smile on his face for finding his classroom, then he was turning the door knob going into his classroom in which it was being held.

"UHH, who are you and what so you need sir" the speaker was a man kinda taller, well taller than me than alot of inches and which I kinda believe its the teacher of my class.

"OH, am Senga Kento and I do believe I have your class sir, I said in a happy but nervous voice of mines with an smile planted on my face.

"Your late you know Mr. Kento its 10 minutes after class had started" the man said while the class students looked up to what's going on."

"But since its your first day of school I would let you slide, but better not have fun doing this everyday y'know.

"OK, but were can I sit sir" I had asked my teacher in a clueless manner on my face of what I do now looking directly at him.

"OH, yea you can sit "UHHH", "OH" over their in the empty seat next to Mr. Taisuke, please stand up for a second to let Mr. Kento know where to sit.

"OKKKAAAAYYYY" had came the reply of the person now standing up according to what the teacher had asked with an smile I think is directed to me.

I replied with the same smile he gave me, as I walked to my seat I just couldn't help but to notice the person on my right side that was standing. That person had a great face kinda child like, and also he's taller than me as everyone in the world is. His hair was shorter than mines but, the bangs were longer, with some highlights of blond in it he also looked kinda rich or maybe its just the uniforms that does it but it seems look poor in mines.

"My name is Fujigaya Taisuke and am 15 now" he said extending his hand out for new to shake with that smile from before.

I turned my head away from what the teacher was saying and gave my full attention to Fujigaya and said.

"Mines is Senga Kento same age as you i guess, and it's nice to meet you" I said  grabbing his hand and shaking it with an smile on.

"Lets talk more after class, I can introduce you with my friends."

"Sure we can do that" I said to him which we both wore a smile on our lips. As the Class went on I just keep on thinking about things of what i was being scared of when it seems noting to be scared of.


As the bell went off I had gather up my papers, pencils, and the books, then headed out the door to put my new books in my locker.

When I was at my locker I opened it up easily and put my books away it it. As I closed my locker their was someone waiting on my right couldn't see him before beacuse my locker kinda blocked his face but he was smiling. As I saw him I fell straight to the ground being surprise of him just popping out of nowhere.

"UUHHHH, how you get here but yet how you know i was here at the first place" I asked him nervous and scared better say fear it felt like a stalker trying to take me away and to the dark.

He just smiled and looked at me like I was crazy or something, then he walked up to me and said...

"My locker is A3406 and it seems it was right next to yours I guess, and I came here to pick you up remember"

"Pick up!?!?" I said confuse and looked up from the ground floor to Fujigaya moving my head to the side.

"You don't remember, do you" bending down to lift me up from the floor and saying thanks to him.

"Well it's was when we were in class and you said sure that I would let you meet my friends, NOOOOWWWW do you remember.

I just thought back then realize what he said was true, now feel like a complete idiot for not knowing what's he talking about.

"I'm sorry, I'm very sorry for not thinking right, sorry" I said bowing my head to him hoping for him to not get mad at me.

"AWWWWW, that was cute to see but you didn't do anything wrong, MMAAAANNNNN you did look like a cute little puppy just now, are you sure your not 4 or 5 years old" that their made e blush bad and got upset a little.

"Yea, I'm sure am not 5 or 4"

"Whatever now, I gotta show you to the guys you can hang out with us today." "I'll show you to everyone, they would love just how cute you are can't wait to see their expressions on what I had found."

"I'll see you in the cafe. it's just down the hall to your right, OK!" See ya! with that he left the hall to the lunch are I think, but he ran to it instead of waiting for me.

I headed to go meet up with Fujigaya and his friend at the lunch room when I notice a figure trying to open the locker but having trouble opening so he kicked the locker which didn't really helped. As I kept looking I thought I better help him out with his locker problem so I went over right behind him when I did I notice he was really tall the tallest I seen in this school so far (well i got some height issues its because am always short).

"Excuse me, but do you need any help with that locker" I had said to the stranger, with his brown hair and the ends curled upwards then theirs his uniform which I can say is a different style then I would wear.


"I don't need any help what do I look like a retarded person or something, GOD! Why don't you just fuck off somewhere else." When he had said that he sounded very pissed off mood maybe it was me that said something to him to get so mad.

Either or I had felt some wet tears fall off my eyes, the reason I crying is because I don't like when people yell and hit no matter what the problem was, which one of those got to me. But all I tried to do was asked him if he need help.

When the other person turned around to see who was talking to him, but all he seem to see is a little boy crying softly with his hands covering his eyes. 
Now for some reason he just felt like he needed to make him stop he felt sorry for what he did and he thought of what to do which was go and hug him but who won't he just to cute.

As the boy was crying he went up and hugged him with the kid head right to his chest crying, as the taller man did that Senga didn't care on what he did he just felt hurt right now.


"Are you ok now" the man said smiling at me to check if I had stop crying in his chest which was kinda wet now.

Yea, thanks alot I really didn't mean to cry all of the sudden" saying that with a bitter smile at the comfort of him.

"But look now you made my shirt all wet from your crying " pointing to his shirt and looking at me for what now I should do.

I'm sorry about that, but please don't hit me" I sounded scared of being hit across the face by a man that could knock my hole head off.


"Don't worry kid, no big it will dry later on and plus I was just joking around with ya" he had said starting to laugh at me now While I had looked up in utter confusion on what's so funny.


"What's so funny here I get it at all" Senga said while still having the same expression on.


"You Should have seen Your face a moment ago thats why I was laughing at" as he said that his laughing had calm down and started smiling.


What's wrong with my face with my face you are making me have a headache now because your making me confused" with that said I had a pout of confusion he really didn't see anything wrong about my face at all.


Nothing, nothing wrong with it, Your face, it's just cute thats all, you looked like a helpless little hurt puppy when I saw you crying and all." He said giggling while making me blush turning my head to the side.

"What's your name kid, for some reason I feel like we need to hang out or something."

Mine is Senga Kento and I just came to this school" I responded to the guy.

"Well, little Senga mine is Akanshi Jin and I belong in the senior class and you.'

"I guess you can say I am totally new to this school and high school." I said to Jin

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, a fresh-ie, UH, well I gotta leave now but lets hang out I'll meet you to some of my buddy's, how about tomorrow lunch we could hang out" he said then went so fast for me to reply.

I seem tired to do anything now at school maybe it's cause two people already want to be my friend and want to meet their friends and they think it would be fun to say i was cute and stuff just like mom always do.

As I tired to think what happened so far getting everything an reason on what really happened today, while I did this mentally I walk my way to the lunch room to see Fujigaya and his friends.


As I came to the cafeteria I looked around for Fujigaya Someone just grabbed me by the waist pulling me to my right at a table with three other students.

"Hey, what's your problem" I asked the one who pulled me.

What do you mean you took so long to get here, did you happen to get lost or something" looking at me waiting for an answer in an annoyed voice.

"Kinda like that" smiling at him like nothing is wrong.

"Forget it lets go introduce each other now"

"So lets start left to right, that there is kitayama Hiromitsu, there is Tamamori Yuta and lastly (Pointing each one until he reach the last one) is Miyata Toshiya All of them are the same year as us."

"Tamamori and  Kitayama is the same age as us and Miyata is 16" looking at me saying it.

"Then most importantly a new of mines and maybe yours is........." silence came while Fujigaya tried to think what's my name is.

"Well what's his name than" the person who was siting on the right his name is Miyata I think.

"I'm thinking don't rush me or I'm never going to get it out." by the looks of it Fujigaya is trying his hardest to remember.

"How about you go ask your friend of yours then" the one on the left stated out for Fujigaya.

"Oh, whatever can you introduce yourself for the four of us." he said while giving up thinking.

"I can't believe you don't remember at all not even what it started with" as i thought about before saying name to them.

"My name is Senga Kento and it's glad to meet you" smiling and the words would seem to say loser on his forehead for introduce himself like that.

"Y'know isn't he cute like a lost puppy everyone because to me he sure does look lost in the class and he sure does have that puppy face" Fujigaya said proud that he stated that fact to everyone.

"I can't believe him and that other person Jin both said I was cute I hate them both now" I thought while my cheeks turned red.

"I'm not cute and I never will be" I said a bit in a annoyed sound.

"Bu~~~~~t, you are so cute why don't you just accept it here and now Senga.... what is it again." Forgetting my name again but got one of it.

"Its Kento, Senga Kento I didn't even forget yours Fujigaya Taisuke mines not that hard to remember" I said sadly turning my head slightly to the ground."

"Awwwwwwwwww, don't worry that's why people buy dog collars for their dogs and puppy's like when they get lost, so they can return the pet when their are lost and stuff." The person who said that was in the middle of the three so it must be Tamamori, me must fell special for making that comment.

"Ok, ok Tamamori stop hehehehe... so whats your class do you got maybe you can have the same class as one of us" Kitayama said while I was kinda glad he made that Tamamori stop.

Once he said that I went through my pocket and dug out my schedule and handed it to Kitayama which he looked at it while Fujigaya ran to Kitayama to pear over his shoulder to look.

"All of us got gym together which would be interesting when tomorrow comes all the other things well kinda suck." Kitayama look up to me and Fujigaya still looking at the schedule.

After he had said that he bell rang telling them they gotta go to class.

"Well we gotta go to class, see ya!" with that everyone left for class.


While the day went on he thought Kitayama was right his schedule does suck.


This was a little longer than I really intended to make it.
I hope on making this alot of chapters/and no pairing until maybe 2 or 3 chap.

You shouldn't read this below if you didn't read the story or want to know a little fact about the story.

I hope u liked that part with jin because they do have a pairing but what kind?

Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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