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[news/info] Variety Show Appearances (Gachigase, Kayoukyoku)

Hello everyone. I'm hopefully back again now, so feel free to contact me again if you have questions or problems.

It was announced that Miyata Toshiya will be a guest on the variety show "Gachigase" (NTV) airing July 20th. It might be to promote Bakaleya because members of AKB48 are regulars of that show. Although, Hamaguchi-san is also a guest for this episode, so who knows. ;)

Source: Gachigase Info Page

Furthermore, Kis-My-Ft2 as a group will be appearing on Kayou-Kyoku, a music show on TBS. Nakai Masahiro is the main MC for that show. Kisumai will be part of the 2 hour special airing on July 24th. More details can be found on the show's website.

Source: Kayou-Kyoku Official Homepage
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