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[news/info] Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou Movie - Additional Cast Members

Seeing that I am only on a semi-hiatus, I can still supply you with some of the latest news.

It was officially announced this morning that Tamamori Yuta will be joining the cast of the Bakaleya Movie on the Johnny's side and Kojima Haruna will be joining from the AKB48 side.

Tamamori will be playing Mashima Kenji the older brother of Snow Man's Iwamoto Hikaru's character Mashima Kaito. The character also used to be the rival of the character played by Uchi Hiroki - the senpai of the Bakada boys.

Kojima Haruna will be involved in a love-triangle with the characters played by Miyata Toshiya and Takaki Yuya.

More about the setting of the movie was also revealed. The boys from Bakada have to stay at Catleya for a month because the Bakada school buildings have to be renovated. The rule is that the boys are not allowed to cause trouble for an entire month. It doesn't seem like too much of a problem at first but of course things never go as smoothly as planned...

Sources: Cinema Today, ZIP, PON
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