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[trans] daibouken 07 pamphlet

I've been working on these for a while and I finally finished today! ^^ I'd like to know who reads, so please, please, please comment if you read! Come on, you guys, don't make me put a counter on each post to see how many people come. XD

( ジャニーズJr.の大冒険!'07 - Johnny's Jr - 夏の野望2007 )
( ジャニーズJr.の大冒険!'07 - Hey!Say!7 - メンバーによるメンバー紹介 )
( ジャニーズJr.の大冒険!'07 - Ya-Ya-yah - Ya-Ya-yahで旅をするなら )
( ジャニーズJr.の大冒険!'07 - Kis-My-Ft2 - この人の隠れた才能 )

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