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Translation of email from Kisumai + more info on Kisumai Busaiku!?

First, I've translated the email that has arrived today to J-web subscribers from Kisumai. In the email they express their gratitude to the fans for their first anniversary.
Read it here


An official website for Kisumai Busaiku!? has been launched, so we can get more details about the show. It also includes messages from the members.

Kisumai Busaiku!?

The first "ugly" group in Johnny's!?
Kis-My-Ft2 invade Fuji variety shows with a kanmuri show!
The broadcast of the new show "Kisumai Busaiku!?" has been decided!
You can witness the members' shower scenes...
And the secret "perfect way to kiss" will be broadcast too!!

First episode: 2012/8/18 (Saturday) 25:50~26:50 (60 minutes)
Second episode: 2012/9/1 (Saturday) 25:50~26:50 (60 minutes)
(T/N: 25:50 = 1:50am of the following day, aka technically 8/19 and 9/2. All times are obviously JST)

Kis-My-Ft2 have debuted on August last year-
On the internet they were badmouthed secretly like this...
"Aren't Kisumai ugly guys?"
Not only from anti-Kisumai fans, but also between fans the word "ugly" could be heard...
Upon learning about this, the members got depressed thinking "Even though we're Johnny's...".
But Kis-My-Ft2 are quick to recover, and
"So let's become men so cool that everyone will be forced to admit it!" is their resolution.
In their first kanmuri show on Fuji TV, "Kisumai Busaiku!?", they will go all out with their coolness!

Comments from Members
Kitayama Hiromitsu - It feels as if us members have bared completely a different face of ourselves, so it's refreshing. I think that this embarrassing project itself is a first for Johnny's. I would like you to watch this new mental state of Kisumai's, and at the same time watch warmly over us. Please laugh so much you have to hold your belly!

Yokoo Wataru - In this show you'll be able to see the personality and way of thinking of each member, an unknown side of us! Rejoicing members, shocked members, there is really a lot of actions! I'll be happy if you check it out!

Fujigaya Taisuke - First, this title's impact! I think it's just too new. The concept is "Let's become real men from the inside!" and it's a variety in which we "produce" each one of us. It's full of embarrassing shots of us! My heart beat fast for the first time in a while. Please look forward to this new variety!

Miyata Toshiya - When I first heard the title I was astonished. I didn't believe that a word such as "ugly" could be in our show's title so after hearing it I ended up checking myself in the mirror (laugh) When we recorded it it was honestly embarrassing, but I thought that it was my only occasion to act cool, so I did it even more than during concerts or music shows, with all my might. I think it was the day I put on more airs in my whole life (laugh) There's quite a gap between the title "Kisumai Busaiku" and the contents of the show, and I think the one hour it lasts will go by in the blink of an eye, so please absolutely watch it.

Tamamori Yuta - It's a show with a new feeling, and we really did compete with each other along a certain theme. I think it's a show that will make you go kyun so I want you to watch it. I think you can enjoy both "ugly" Kisumai and not-so-ugly Kisumai here (laugh) As us members have thrown ourselves completely into it without laughing and have done many things we have personally thought about, I think you'll be able to know a new face of Kisumai through this show.

Nikaido Takashi - As I was doing this show I've had the chance to learn afresh things such as what side of guys girls look at, or what are guys' gestures or words that girls like. From now on we will do our best aiming even higher, so that we will be loved by both girls and guys.

Senga Kento - I have never seen what I am like so objectively, and it was so embarrassing and vexing I can't put it into words. I think there's never been any other variety so far in which you could see someone's real essence to this extent. But as everyone's and our reactions are that real, I think it will be strongly conveyed to the viewers more embarrassment and vexation than they think, alongside us watching the VTRs in the studio. I think it's a show that has a new feel to it, so please absolutely watch it!

MC: Sano Mizuki (T/N A Fuji TV announcer, not the legendary Jr)
Guest: Yashima Norito (first episode) and others

The theme is "The moment when I look the coolest", and with topics such as "how to take a shower in a 'cool' way" or "how to kiss someone at a karaoke place in a 'cool' way", the members of Kis-My-Ft2 will star themselves in videos of the situations they seriously believe to be 'the coolest'. They will have those 'cool' VTRs watched and rated by 100 girls in their 20s and those VTRs will be shown in the studio in "Kisumai busaiku!? ranking" form.
In addition, during the VTRs you can enjoy the comments of those 100 girls... but those comments will be too sharp and you'll see the members turning pale. One member was even so shocked we almost had to stop recording!? As guests, celebrities who used to be "ugly" and are now regarded as "cool" will appear in the studio, and will judge the members' VTRs. Will Kis-My-Ft2 members be reborn as "cool" guys, of course visually, but also on the inside? What their first kanmuri show on Fuji "Kisumai Busaiku!?" is aiming to, is a "cool" regular series!


So... what do you think about the show? Idg why TV channels are so keen on destroying their self esteem but this can potentially be either glorious or too much second hand embarrassment to watch.
Also it was kind of cruel to write that the fans think they're ugly :< I've seen a lot of Kisumai bashing on hate memes/twitter/etc from non-fans, but I've never seen a fan say they're a bunch of fugs, and this includes the Japanese fandom portion I am aware of :| The Japanese fans are pretty unhappy with that, too... but what can we do :|
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