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Shounen Club 2004

I'm finally finished the chart for 2004 episodes of Shokura!~

So for those don't know...
I've made a chart describing each song performed, who performed, and highlights and EVERY single episode of Shokura I have - 2004, 2005 and 2006.

(Shounen Club 2004)

For 2004, not counting specials...I'm missing 5 episodes...I have no idea where I'm going to get them...but I'll try my best to find them... The episodes that are not included is the two shows from April, June 13th, Oct 3rd and Nov 14th.

The links to 2005's and 2006's charts are included on 2004's page.

I've also updated 2006's chart with the two episodes I was missing since I've been finally able to download them. ^^ So 2006's chart is completed and up-to-date until new episodes are aired.

Oh...I've also posted the list of songs that were performed during the recording of the coming October episodes of Shokura with the 2006 chart...there may be some songs totally worth fan-girling about. Check it out. ^_~ (By the way...producers are Yamada Ryousuke - Oct 1st and Totsuka Shota - Oct 8th)

As for 2003 episodes...I'm slowly getting more (I know where to get all of them)...but the chart won't be coming any time soon...my Internet speed still won't get along with me and I'm missing lots of episodes. =P

I think that's it...
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