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[news/info] Schedule Updates

A lot is happening and I'm trying not to spam the community with too many entries. So I'm going to compile the news a little bit.

I've updated the schedule with a few "big" show appearances. Kis-My-Ft2 are also appearing in many local wide shows right now but as already said, they're local and not accessible to many people and usually feature the same footage we see in the Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya shows as well e.g. the recent "Oha Asa" clip that was uploaded to the community.

If you want to know about the local show appearances, they're in the schedule on the official Kisumai Website.

Anyways, here are the news:

Kis-My-Ft2 are going to be on Kayou Kyoku again on Tuesday (14th August, TBS). They are also going to be appearing on MUSIC STATION on Friday this week (17th August, TV Asahi). And two days later, they'll be featured on MUSIC JAPAN (19th August, NHK).


Beginners, the drama Fujigaya Taisuke and Kitayama Hiromitsu are currently starring in, will be getting an original soundtrack, released on the 19th September. There will be two versions, a limited edition version (CD + DVD) and a regular version (CD only).

Apart from 23 instrumental songs used in the drama, the CD will include "WANNA BEEEE!!! ~ Remix Version" as a bonus track. A short off-shot movie featuring "Teppei & Danji" will be included on the DVD that comes with the limited edition.

The remix and the off-shot movie are still subject to change, so I'll keep you updated if more details are announced in the next few weeks. For example, the length or titles could be changed or more things could be added.


Please take the next bit with a grain of salt because it's not yet 100% official. I am including this here because I thought people might be interested in it but I guess it is more of a rumor than real news - at least right now.

Kusshi Tokkyu (a restaurant featured in the drama) announced that FujiTV will broadcast "Shinikare" after the NOTTV run is finished. Details are unknown as of now, though.

"5月28日よりスマホnottvにてスタートしている、nottv開局記念ドラマ『シニカレ』で7話目から7.話で串特急虎壱横丁が登場します。 スマホにて放送が終了後フジテレビ地上波でもまた放送予定" -
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