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[news/info] Shinikare - Regular TV Broadcast + Tamamori Ougon Densetsu SP

Some of you might remember that a while back, I posted about how Shinikare would be aired on regular TV. The news have been confirmed officially now.

Today's TV Guide released the information that Shinikare will be broadcast on FujiTV from December 25th~29th. The broadcast time for the 25th has been set at 1:47 - 4:07 AM (so I guess it's the morning of the 26th rather than on the 25th but Japan tends to do the 25:47 thing...)

Furthermore, as was already stated in one of the previous posts, Tamamori is going to appear on Ougon Densetsu again. This "Ougon Densetsu 6 hour Special!!" is going to air on the 27th December on TV Asahi. Tamamori and Hamaguchi-san are going on a survival trip.

Source: TV Guide
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