[News] Kis-My-Ft2 to appear in “ASIA FASHION AWARD 2019 in TAIPEI”

It’s been announced that Kis-My-Ft2 will be appearing in ASIA FASHION AWARD 2019 in TAIPEI on November 30th.

*Tickets to the event to go on sale mid-October

Kitayama Hiromitsu (34) who wasn’t able to hide his excitement over the group’s long awaited overseas performance, “While we’ve been to Taiwan before as back dancers for our senpai, this will be our first time to perform our own music as a main act. We are really grateful. I think it will be many people’s first time to know about us. While feeling happy about being able to perform abroad, we’d like to be able to give a Kis-My-Ft2-like performance that leaves behind an impression.”

For more information, please access the official site of ASIA FASHION AWARD 2019 in TAIPEI:

Source: Johnny’s Net | Sanspo

キスマイどきどきーん sharing episodes?

Since I love this Tv show called キスマイどきどきーん, I looked for it on weibo because I'd like to download the episodes and have them on my PC.
noonee2016 has been so kind and suggested me a korean site to watch the TV show, and it is great, I found all the episodes. Problem is that I can't download them (at least, I don't know how, I tried different ways but no one worked).
Then I found a way to download videos from Bilibili (thanks to railise) and I found the lastest episodes of キスマイどきどきーん. Unfortunaley I didn't find every single episodes on Bilibili, but just the recent ones. Since I'm going to download some of them (just the ones that I like most), I'd like to know if someone is interested on them, so I can share them with you ;)
Lemme know!
See you~

Kisumai DokiDokin

Hello! I'd like to watch episodes from Kisumai DokiDokin. I found some eps on Kisumai French, but there are episodes till April, then nothing more. Do you know where can I watch it? Even in streaming it is fine, but on Bilibili I have just found some eps, but I need more recent episodes...
Thank you.


Does anyone want to sell Kisumai bear from Kis-My-Ft2 livetour 2015 Kis-My-World Tour (Kitayama ver.)?
If you want to sell, please DM me. I'll reply as soon as I can. Thank you ♥️
I really need it, please help me 🙏🙏🙏

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Kis-My-1st album?

I'm Tatachan and I am new in this fandom, nice to meet you! ^^
I started following Kisumai since last week, and so far I'm watching random videos (most of them are making of PV with eng sub). Since I don't know their songs yet, I'd like to listen to their albums. I am currently looking for Kis-My-1st, I found a link here but it happens to be invalid (maybe cus it's quite old). So I wonder if someone could share it with me ♥
Thank you!