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❀ welcome;

Welcome to ♪Endless Road♪, a fan community dedicated to the Johnny & Associates group Kis-My-Ft2. Remember to read, and follow, the rules after joining the community. It's important that you do so you know about posting, commenting and general behaviour. Rulebreakers will get 3 warnings before a month-long ban.

{ Rules & FAQ }

If you've got a question feel free to contact one of the mods, but make sure you can receive PMs from all LJ-user first, or we won't be able to get back to you.


Please join kismyshowtime for fanfics, doujinshi and fanart since those are no longer allowed here at Endless Road. If you're looking for graphics and fanvideos then kismygraphics is the place for you. Endless Road only deals with canon.

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❀ the members;

Kitayama Hiromitsu ★ 北山宏光 ★ きたやま・ひろみつ
Nickname: Kitayama, Hiromitsu, Mitsu, Hiromii, Hiro, Micchan Childhood nickname: Kitamii Birthday: September 17th, 1985 Zodiac: Virgo Chinese Zodiac: Ox Birthplace: Kanagawa Blood type: A Height 167cm Weight: 58kg

Hobby: Going to beach, fishing, soccer Skill: Soccer Charm point: Lips Strength: Can sleep well anywhere Weakness: Can sleep well anywhere Favorite color: Black Least favorite color: Purple Favorite food: Meat, fish Least favorite food: None Favorite sport: Marine sports Favorite animal: Dogs and all other animals with fur Collects: Nothing

Admired senpai: All senpai in jimusho Favorite JE song: Seppaku no Tsuki (KinKi Kids) Joined JE: May 3rd, 2002 Previous JE unit: Jr.BOYS Drama: Misaki no. 1!! (2011) Show: YOUtachi! (regular), Hyakushiki (guest), Hadaka no Shounen

Senga Kento ★ 千賀健永 ★ せんが・けんと
Nickname: Sen-chan, Gacchan Childhood Nickname: Sen-chan Birthday: March 23rd, 1991 Zodiac: Aries Chinese Zodiac: Sheep Birthplace: Aichi Blood type: AB Height: 172cm Weight: 57kg

Hobby: Guitar, dance, billiards Skill: Can cross eyes Charm point: Long, thin eyes Strength: Puts others before self Weakness: Can't concentrate Favorite color: White, black Least favorite color: Blue Favorite food: Fish Least favorite food: Kiwi, pineapple Favorite sport: Basketball Favorite animal: Dogs, bear-cats Collects: Bags

Admired senpai: Sakurai Sho Favorite JE song: Bonnie Butterfly (KinKi Kids) Joined JE: April 13th, 2003 Previous JE unit: Kis-My-Ft., A.B.C. Jr. Show: Hyakushiki (guest), Hadaka no Shounen

Miyata Toshiya ★ 宮田俊哉 ★ みやた・としや
Nickname: Miyacchi Childhood nickname: Mii-kun Birthday: September 14th, 1988 Zodiac: Virgo Chinese Zodiac: Dragon Birthplace: Kanagawa Blood type: A Height: 172cm Weight: 59kg

Hobby: Watching anime Skill: Can make people laugh by just walking Charm point: Nose (same as all family men) Strength: Patience, kindness Weakness: Strange movements Favorite color: White Least favorite color: Flashy colors Favorite food: White rice Least favorite food: Watermelon Favorite sport: Soccer Favorite animal: Dogs Collects: Manga

Admired senpai: All senpai in jimusho Favorite JE song: Friends (KinKi Kids) Joined JE: February 4th, 2001 Previous JE unit: A.B.C. Jr. Show: Hadaka no Shounen, Hyakushiki (guest)

Yokoo Wataru ★ 横尾 渉 ★ よこお・わたる
Nickname: Yoko, Yaiba, Wataru, Wata, Wattan, Yokoo-san Childhood nickname: Wata-chan Birthday: May 16th, 1986 Zodiac: Taurus Chinese Zodiac: Tiger Birthplace: Kanagawa Blood type: A Height: 177cm Weight: 55kg

Hobby: Sports Skill: Ball sports Charm point: Double teeth Strength: What other people say is good about him Weakness: Moody, self-centered Favorite color: White, black, purple Least favorite color: Murky colors Favorite food: Chawan-mushi Least favorite food: Cucumber Favorite sport: Baseball, soccer, basketball Favorite animal: Dogs, cats (small animals) Collects: Hats

Favorite JE song: All of Arashi's Ninomiya's solo songs Joined JE: February 4th, 2001 Previous JE unit: K.K.Kity Drama: Freeter, ie wo kau (2010) Show: Hadaka no Shounen (old version)

Fujigaya Taisuke ★ 藤ヶ谷太輔 ★ ふじがや・たいすけ
Nickname: Fujigaya-san, Taipi, Tai-chan, Gaya Childhood nickname: Taipi Birthday: June 25th, 1987 Zodiac: Cancer Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Birthplace: Kanagawa Blood type: AB Height: 175cm Weight: 60kg

Hobby: Shopping, billiards, going on drives Skill: Can make voice go high pitch Charm point: Pointed nose, naturally curly eyelashes Strength: Puts others before self Weakness: Feelings show directly to outside Favorite color: Rainbow Least favorite color: White Favorite food: Yakiniku, sushi, ramen, shabushabu, Chinese food Least favorite food: Parsley Favorite sport: Basketball Favorite animal: Squirrel, hamster Collects: Clothes

Admired senpai: Takizawa Hideaki, Sakurai Sho Favorite JE song: Seppaku no Tsuki (KinKi Kids) Joined JE: November 8th, 1998 Previous JE unit: BAD, Jr.BOYS Drama: Shimokita Sundays (2006), Byakkotai (2007), Misaki no. 1!! (2011), Bishoku cameraman Hoshii Yuu no jikenbo 2 (2011), Ikemen desu ne (2011) Show: Hyakushiki (regular), Hadaka no Shounen

Tamamori Yuta ★ 玉森裕太 ★ たまもり・ゆうた
Nickname: Tama, Tama-chan Childhood nickname: Tama Birthday: March 17th, 1990 Zodiac: Pisces Chinese Zodiac: Horse Birthplace: Tokyo Blood type: B Height: 176cm Weight: 56kg

Hobby: Watching movies/anime DVDs Skill: Can fall asleep fast Charm point: Mole under left armpit Strength: Positive Weakness: Does things at own pace Favorite color: White, red, black Least favorite color: Green, yellow Favorite food: Avocado Least favorite food: Celery Favorite sport: Soccer Favorite animal: River otter Collects: Interior goods

Admired senpai: Yamashita Tomohisa Favorite JE song: Diamond Story (KinKi Kids) Joined JE: December 1st, 2002 Previous JE unit: MINT, J.J.Express, A.B.C. Jr. Drama/Movie: Gokusen 3 SP (2009), Gokusen the Movie (2009), Shiawase ni narou yo (2011), Ikemen desu ne (2011) Show: Hadaka no Shounen, Hyakushiki (guest)

Nikaido Takashi ★ 二階堂高嗣 ★ にかいどう・たかし
Nickname: Nika Childhood nickname: Nika Birthday: August 6th, 1990 Zodiac: Leo Chinese Zodiac: Horse Birthplace: Tokyo Blood type: B Height: 172cm Weight: 62kg

Hobby: Watching anime Skill: Knows how to party when time for that Charm point: Mole in the eye Strength: Does whatever he wants Weakness: Self-centered Favorite color: Black Least favorite color: Ultramarine Favorite food: Rice Least favorite food: Bell peppers Favorite sport: Basketball Favorite animal: Dogs, birds Collects: Sunglasses

Admired senpai: Kamenashi Kazuya Favorite JE song: Love is the mirage (Doumoto Tsuyoshi) Joined JE: February 4th, 2001 Previous JE unit: MINT, A.B.C. Jr. Movie: Ogawa no Hotori (2011) Show: Ya-Ya-yah (early times)

❀ history;
Who are Kis-My-Ft2?

Kis-My-Ft2 is a group from Johnny & Associates who originally were scheduled to debut in May 2011 but due to the disaster followed by the earthquake and tsunami in March, their debut got postponed to the 10th of August. Their record label is avex but they will still be managed by Johnny & Associates.

In 2004 Kis-My-Ft. was formed with the members Kitayama Hiromitsu, Iida Kyohei, Senga Kento, Matsumoto Kohei, Yokoo Wataru, Fujigaya Taisuke and Tomita Mao. However, Matsumoto soon joined J.J.Express, leaving Kis-My-Ft. without its M. Masuda Takahisa (from NEWS) came to perform with the group a couple of times, although officially he never was a member of Kisumai because he was already part of a debuted group. Then Senga joined A.B.C. Jr. and Tomita returned to being a groupless junior, leaving Kis-My-Ft. as a four member group (Kitayama, Fujigaya, Yokoo, Iida).

Kis-My-Ft2 was created in 2005 by joining two other units; Kis-My-Ft. and A.B.C. Jr. (Nikaido, Senga, Tamamori & Miyata), making the acronym complete again; Kitayama, Iida, Senga, Miyata, Yokoo, Fujigaya, Tamamori and Nikaido. (The kanji used for 'ni' (二) in Nikaido means '2' in Japanese.) In 2006 Iida Kyohei left the group to focus on his studies but they kept their name and stayed intact since the second letter in Kitayama conveniently is "I".

For more detailed information, please check the
{ Kis-My-Ft2 pimp post }

In 2008 the members got their own colours when Fujigaya designed the glittery track suits for the EbiKisu concerts, and after that many of their stage outfits includes their own colours, for example the Inori outfits from PLAYZONE, and even details such as shoelaces, insides of jackets, accessories etc.

Kitayama - Red
Senga - Blue
Miyata - Purple
Yokoo - Orange
Fujigaya - Pink
Tamamori - Yellow
Nikaido - Green

❀ original songs;

Post debut - singles

Everybody Go (2011.8.10)
S.O.KISS, KISS FOR U, 若者たち (Wakamonotachi)

We never give up! (2011.12.14)
Kis-My-Venus, Love is you

SHE! HER! HER! (2012.3.21)
Deep your voice

WANNA BEEEE!!!/Shake It Up (2012.8.15)
Summer Lover
アイノベート (Ai no Beat) (2012.11.14)
Winter Lover, Never End LOVE

My Resistance -タシカナモノ- (My Resistance - Tashikanamono)/運命Girl (Unmei Girl) (2013.2.13)
Forever with U

S.O.S (Smile On Smile)
keep on smile

キミとのキセキ (Kimi to no Kiseki) (2013.8.14)
タナゴコロ (Tanagokoro), Diamond Honey
SNOW DOMEの約束 (SNOW DOME no Yakusoku)/Luv Sick (2013.11.13)
モテたいぜ トゥナイト (Motetaize Tonight), LUCKY SEVEN!!

光のシグナル (Hikari no Signal) (2014.3.5)
ずっと~You are my Everything~ (Zutto ~You are my Everything~), Crush! Crush! Crush!

Another Future (2014.8.13)
Perfect World, 感じるままに輝いて (Kanjiru Mama ni Kagayaite)

Thank You じゃん! (Thank You Jyan!) (2014.12.24)
君にあえるから (Kimi ni aeru kara), Holy night with you, Christmas Kiss

Kiss魂 (Kiss Damashi) (2015.3.25)
Shake Body!!, サクラヒラリ (Sakura Hirari), Past & Future

Post debut - albums

Kis-My-1st (2012.3.28)
"1st" Overture, Girl is mine, SHE! HER! HER!, タビダチノウタ (Tabidachi no Uta), Love meee, 「蛹」(Sanagi), Catch & Go!!, Everybody Go, Take Over, Kickin' It, Sing for you, We never give up!, Good night, Dancing Star, Tell me why

HIT! HIT! HIT! (2014.3.26)
Single Collection
Goodいくぜ! (Good Ikuze!) (2013.3.27)
"2nd" Overture, Black & White, WANNA BEEEE!!!, 運命Girl (Unmei Girl), Strawberry Dance, xLunaSx, Forza!, Shake It Up, Chance Chance Baybee, Give me…, アイノベート -Album mix- (Ai no Beat), My Resistance - タシカナモノ- (Tashikanamono), Mother Moon, JET! SET!! GO!!!, Catch Love

Kis-My-WORLD (2015.7.1)
"4th" Overture, Brand New World, Kiss魂 (Kiss Damashi), Another Future, FOLLOW, 君にあえるから (Kimi ni aeru kara), if, わんダフォー (Wandafo), BE LOVE, Double Up, 証 (akashi), Shake Body!!, Perfect World, Thank youじゃん!(Thank you jyan), KISS & PEACE, ドキドキでYEEEAAAHHH!! (Doki Doki de YEEEAAAHHH!!!), Halley

Kis-My-Journey (2014.7.2)
"3rd" Overture, Seven Journey, 3.6.5, Striker, ダイスキデス (Daisukidesu), FORM, LU4E ~Last Song~, Only One…, FIRE!!!, 棚からぼたもち (Tana Kara Botamochi), ツバサ (Tsubasa), 光のシグナル (Hikari no Signal), 僕らの約束 (Bokura no Yakusoku), アゲてくぜ! (Agetekuze!)

Sub-group Releases - 舞祭組 (Busaiku)

棚からぼたもち (Tana kara botamochi) (2013.12.13)
てぃーてぃーてぃーてれって てれてぃてぃてぃ ~だれのケツ~ (Titititerette Teretititi ~Dare no Ketsu~) (2014.7.27) やっちゃった!!(Yacchatta!!) (2015.3.8)

Pre debut

・千年のLove Song
(Sennen no Love Song)

・Endless Road
・祈り (Inori)

・Good-bye, Thank You

・Brand New Season
・海賊 (Kaizoku)
(A.B.C-Z + Kis-My-Ft2 song)
・雨 (Ame)
・テンション (Tension)

・永遠のチケット (Eien no Ticket)
・My Love
・3D Girl

・Everybody Go (Crea version)
Solos & duets
・チカラ (Chikara) - Kitayama (2006)
・Exit - Senga (2006)
・MARIA - Fujigaya (2007)
・T song 1 ~Can Try~ - Tamamori (2010)
・No. 1 friend - Kitayama & Fujigaya (2010)
・Rock U - Kitayama (2011)
・Think u x - Fujigaya (2011)
❀ concerts;
Own concerts

・2014 Concert Tour「Kis-My-Journey」(2014.7.5-11.9)

・SNOW DOMEの約束 IN東京ドーム IN大阪ドーム - Snow Dome no Yakusoku IN Tokyo Dome IN Osaka Dome (2013.11.15-12.15)
・Good Live Tour いくぜ! - Good Live Tour Ikuze! (2013.5.3-8.25)

・Kis-My-MiNT Tour (2012.3.31-6.3)

・Kis-My-Ft2 Debut Tour 2011 Everybody Go to TOKYO DOME (2011.8.28)
・Kis-My-Ft2 Debut Tour 2011 Everybody Go (2011.7.9-8.21)
・みんなクリエに来てクリエ! 2011 【Part2】 北山宏光×藤ヶ谷太輔 スペシャルライブ
Minna Crea ni kitekurie! 2011 [Part 2] Kitayama Hiromitsu x Fujigaya Taisuke Special Live (2011.5.7-22)

・Kis-My-Ftに逢える de Show vol.3 - Kis-My-Ft2 ni Aeru de Show vol.3 (2010.12.28-2011.2.12)
・Kis-My-Ftに010 逢える de Show - Kis-My-Ft ni 010 Aeru de Show (2010.3.30-5.5)

・Kis-My-Ftに逢える de Show - Kis-My-Ft ni Aeru de Show (2009.10.3-12.27)

・A.B.C.-Z Kis-My-Ft2 ファーストコンサート in 横浜アリーナ
First Concert in Yokohama Arena (2008.10.11-10.13, 2008.11.8-9)

Concerts with other juniors

・UCHI博貴 内HIROCKY (2009)

・内博貴 年末年始 Rockな仲間たち大集合! (2008.12.20-21)
・SUMMARY 2008 (2008.08.02-09.05)

・ジャニーズJr.の大冒険! - Johnny's Jr Daibouken (2007.08.15-24)
・2007 謹賀新年 あけましておめでとう ジャニーズJr.大集合 (2007.1.2-7)

・you達の音楽大運動会 - YOUtachi no Ongaku Daiundoukai (2006.09.30-10.01)
・ジャニーズJr.の大冒険! - Johnny's Jr Daibouken (2006.08.15-24)

❀ stage shows;
Stage shows with Leading Roles

・DREAM BOYS (2014.9.4-9.30) [Tamamori & Senga & Miyata]
・コルトガバメンツ - Colt Governments (2014.5.11-6.22) [Fujigaya]
・ミュージカル 愛の唄を歌おう - Musical Ai no Uta wo Utaou (2014.1.10-21) [Kitayama]

・DREAM BOYS JET (2013.9.5-9.29) [Tamamori & Senga & Miyata]
・キフシャム国の冒険 - Kifushamu Koku no Bouken (2013.5.18-6.23) [Miyata]

・銀河英雄伝説 輝く星 闇を裂いて - Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Kagayaku Hoshi Yami wo Saite (2012.11.15-11.18) [Yokoo & Nikaido]

・帝劇 Johnnys Imperial Theatre Special「Kis-My-Ft2 with ジャニーズJr.」 (2011.9.27-29)
・美男ですね ~Ikemen desu ne~ (2011.10.8-11.27) [Kitayama & Miyata]

・少年たち〜格子無き牢獄〜 - Shounentachi ~Koushi Naki Rougoku~ (2010.9.3-9.26)
[Kitayama, Senga, Miyata, Fujigaya, Tamamori]

・PLAYZONE '09 ~太陽からの手紙~ - ~Taiyou kara no Tegami~ (2009.7.11-8.9, 8.21-26)

Other stage appearances

・銀河英雄伝説 第四章 後編 激突 - Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Daiyonshou Kouhen Gekitotsu (2014.2.12-3.2) [Yokoo & Nikaido]

・銀河英雄伝説 第三章 内乱 - Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Daisanshou Nairan (2013.3.31-4.13) [Yokoo & Nikaido]

・DREAM BOYS (2012.9.3-9.29) [Senga & Tamamori & Miyata]
・銀河英雄伝説 撃墜王 - Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Gekitsuiou (2012.8.3-8.12) [Yokoo & Nikaido]

・滝沢歌舞伎 - Takizawa Kabuki (2011.4.8-5.8) [Yokoo, Miyata, Nikaido, Senga]

・新春人生革命 - Shinshun Jinsei Kakumei (2010.1.8.-2.6)
・新春滝沢革命 - Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei (2010.1.1-2.5)

・滝沢演舞城 '09 タッキー&Lucky LOVE - Takizawa Enbujou '09 Tackey & Lucky LOVE (2009) [Kitayama & Fujigaya]
・新春滝沢革命 - Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei (2009.1.1-27)

・DREAM BOYS (2008.4) [Yokoo, Senga, Nikaido, Tamamori, Miyata]
・滝沢演舞城 '08 命 (LOVE) - Takizawa Enbujou (2008.4) [Kitayama & Fujigaya]
・DREAM BOYS (2008.3)

・World's Wing 翼 Premium 2007 (2007.10)
・DREAM BOYS (2007.9)
・滝沢演舞城 2007 - Takizawa Enbujou (2007.7)

・One! -the history of Tackey- (2006.9)
・滝沢演舞城 - Takizawa Enbujou (2006.3-4)
・Dream Boys (2006.1)

❀ affiliates & credits;


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